“The El Loa River Local Wildlife Circuit” is a project implemented by the tourism department of the Culture and Tourism Corporation of Calama (Corporación de Cultura y Turismo de Calama) and funded by the Tourism National Service (Servicio Nacional de Turismo, SERNATUR) This initiave focuses on a local ornithology tour and gathers the background of the endogenous brids of the area, and also includes watercolor images of the respective chosen species. We invite you to learn about this important project that also seeks to reinforce the local tourism of the Antofagasta region.


From north to south, from sea to mountain range, there are 439 bird species in Chile. 296 of these nest in our country, while the rest of them are occasional visitors. On the other hand, in Chile exist 11 bird species that can not be found on the rest of the world, among which 6 of them are continental and the other 5 islanders.

Wild Fauna

Andean Coot
Fulica Ardesiaca

Hi! I’m the Andean Coot, you can recognize me by my 40 to 46 cm in lenght and my slate grey bulky body, also, my head and my neck are black.

Wild Fauna

Zonotrichia Capensis

I’m the Chicol, My lenght is about 15 centimeters and I’m the most common bird in Chile. I live on fields, hills, gardens and town squares.

Wild Fauna

House Sparrow
Passer Domesticus

Hi! I’m the House Sparrow, my lenght is about 15 and 17 centimeters, I’m a traslocated bird, that means that I'm originally from Europe and Asia, I arrived to this land around the year 1904.

Wild Fauna

Night Heron, Nycticorax Nycticorax Hoactli

I’m the Black-Crowned Night Heron, my lenght is about 56 centimeters, I belong to the heron species, but my appearance is totally different.

Wild Fauna

Blue Heron
Egretta Coerulea

Hi! I’m the Blue Heron, My lenght is about 56 centimetrers and I live exclusively in the north of Chile and very few of my species live in the south. I have a bluish grey beak with black on its top. I have a dark bluish-grey body, with my neck and head being dark bluish-purple, and my feet are black.

Wild Fauna

Jergón Duck
Anas Flavirostris Oxyptera

Hello! I´m the Jergon Duck. We´re the most common species of ducks across the country; such in places like lakes, lagoons, rivers, swamps, reservoirs, irrigation canals and coastal Waters. I’m an endemic bird from South America, that’s why you won’t be able to see me in other parts of the world.

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